LILO calling modprobe?

From: Stephen C Burns (
Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 14:58:18 EST

Hey all,

Each time I run lilo, I receive the following message in syslog:

modprobe: Can't locate module block-major-3

This machine has no IDE devices. when I run lilo in verbose mode, I see
that it is querying all possible hard disks in /dev (e.g. Caching device
/dev/hda (0x0300, etc.). I am, in fact, running an older version of
LILO (0.21) but upgrading when it is not necessary frightens me. I also
note that calling lilo on a newer machine with newer lilo (21.4) that it
does not query all devices, although that particular machine is all IDE.
I realize that I can alias this block module to off in
/etc/modules.conf, but I wanted to be sure that this is a cosmetic
problem before I brush it off. Anyone for input? Thank you!

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