Re: >128 MB RAM stability problems (again)

From: Bill Pringlemeir (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 22:16:43 EST

>> I'm kind of astounded now, WHY can't linux-2.4.x run on ANY
>> machine in my house with more than 128 MB RAM?!? Can someone
>> please point out to me

 Alan> Can I suggest you change your memory vendor and/or get an
 Alan> antistatic wrist strap ?

I also have had problems with a machine that had 128Mb + 64 Mb. I
discovered the following about 2.4.x. You _should_ have a swap file
that is double RAM. Mixing different SDRAM types is probably a bad
thing. So if you upgraded, then that might be problematic.

However, when I did have 196 Mb it completely trashed my file system.
I also work with electronic components and these were handled in an
ESD safe manner. It may be possible to set the SDRAM controller to
handle disparate SDRAM chips...but it is probably very painful. I
have done this on an MPC860 and a Coldfire chip. However, I haven't
the faintest clue about PC controllers.

Perhaps when I am feeling brave again, I will return to try additional

Bill Pringlemeir.

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