State of CML2

From: Eric S. Raymond (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 11:21:59 EST

I had kind of fallen out of the habit of posting release announcements here,
but now that 2.4.6 is out it seems a good time to review the situation.
The latest version is always available at <>.

The CML2 core is in good shape. There have been no serious bugs since
mid-April. The latest release (1.6.9) resynchronizes with 2.4.6 and ac24
and adds better compile-time type checking in expressions (thanks to
Daniel Junglas for getting me off the dime on this).

There are a couple of minor Tkinter weirdnesses remaining in the
xconfig interface, but they don't seem to show up in normal operation
with the Linux kernel rules file. They are fully described in the
distribution TODO file.

No speed complaints from the beta testers latelyl; the seige of tuning
in May seems to have worked. The requests I'm getting are pretty much
all for minor UI tweaks.

CML2 has another design win. The folks at Webmachines now use it to configure
the Linux distribution that they put in the flash ROMS of their network
apppliances. A lightly edited version of the Webmachines rulesfile is
available on the CML2 project site as an example.

The dungeon walls in CML2 adventure now occasionally feature entertaining
grafitti. Spot all the in-jokes and collect a valuable no-prize.

CML2 is ready.

		<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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