Re: RPC: rpciod waiting on sync task!

From: Trond Myklebust (
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 07:01:33 EST

>>>>> " " == Dima Brodsky <> writes:

> Hi, I modified the linux NFS client, kernel 2.4.5 and
> 2.4.6-pre7, to send an extra SETATTR, with special values,
> within nfs_open and nfs_release so that I would be able to
> track file open and close. For the server I am using a
> slightly modified linux user level nfs server.

> What I noticed is that after this change I get:

> RPC: rpciod waiting on sync task!

That probably means that you've put this setattr code somewhere in the
rpciod read,write or delete callbacks.

You should never mix asynchronous and synchronous calls as this can
cause the rpciod task to deadlock by waiting on itself...

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