Re: ACPI fundamental locking problems

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 14:08:12 EST

> We're depending on vendors (aka the BIOS) for all the ACPI tables, as well
> as every other piece of a priori data we need to boot the OS.

They have had enough problems getting simpler API's right. The ACPI spec is
bloated, complex, and very hard to follow - and its written in my native
language. I really do not envy a random BIOS writers task.

> Could I please ask that you at least show me a system where this is a
> problem before throwing out all the work we've done on ACPI because of this
> technical nit?

The goal isnt a technical nit, its to avoid loading 300Kbytes of crud (which
should mostly be in user space anyway) on the 99.9% of machines where we dont
need it.

The user space thing isnt an idle comment btw, its something that I think we
should actively pursue for 2.5. By making better use of initrd and the clean
ramfsroot stuff Al wants to do we can push a lot of stuff (bootp, dhcp,
dmi based configuration fixups, acpi) almost entirely into user space.
That makes me a lot lot happier.

The fact that it takes more code to parse and interpret ACPI than it does to
route traffic on the internet backbones should be a hint something is badly
wrong either in ACPI the spec, ACPI the implenentation or both.

Reading the code I can find some examples of pointless code bloat, but not
enough to convince me the broken part isnt the spec.


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