Re: Problem with SMC Etherpower II + kernel newer 2.4.2

From: Olivier Sessink (
Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 09:57:50 EST

On 0, Florian Schmitt <> wrote:
> > Does anybody else got these errors or knows about a solution for this ??
> Same problem here, it won't run at all on newer kernels. But it isn't even
> 100% stable in 2.2.x here - on very high network traffic the card stops
> working. In this case, it helps to pull the network plug for a short time,
> then everything goes back to normal. I reduced speed to 10MB, and now it is
> stable at least in 2.2.x.

I use (kernel 2.4.4 and 2.4.5) a cron script that pings, and will run
ifdown eth0; ifup eth0
when the ping fails, this seems to be good enough to get it up and running
again, sometimes I need to reload the module, but it's indeed very annoying.

if ! ping -c 1 -n -q ; then
        ifdown eth0
        ifup eth0
        if ! ping -c 1 -n -q ; then
                ifdown eth0
                rmmod epic100
                insmod epic100
                ifup eth0

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