Re: RFC: modules and 2.5

From: Fang Han (
Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 02:48:00 EST

> If you build the drivers in, but forget to comment out the initrd line in
> /etc/lilo.conf, the machine panics because it tries to load the module for
> something that is already a builtin.
The only way to solve it smothly need to modify the bootloader, When the
bootloader like lilo or grub ( it is more powerful ) can read the module from the root partition directly. Your problem will be sloved.

BTW: Is there any system or tools can patch kernel in binary level, It means
     that user doesn't need download the whole kernel RPM or TGZ, It just need
     an patch to patch the current kernel's binary. I think it is useful for
     novice & end user.



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