re: pcmcia lockup inserting or removing cards in 2.4.5-ac{13,22}

From: mr sam jooky (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 20:14:37 EST

>Somewhere between 2.4.2 and 2.4.5-ac13, PCMCIA card insertion and
>removal appears to have broken on my Toshiba Libretto. On 2.4.2 all was
>fine. On both 2.4.5-ac13 and ac22 it's broken. The whole machine
>solid, no SAK-s, SAK-u, SAK-b, no Ctrl-Alt-Fn to switch VC's. No
>are issued. Problem occurs when inserting/removing any of YE-Data
>floppy, TDK Smartmedia adapter (ide_cs), or 3c589 ethernet card.

On my IBM Thinkpad 390E my PCMCIA works fine with 2.4.5, on very rare
the mouse will drift diagonaly to the lower right corner. I read in the kernel
sources that this happens normaly due to probing of the PCMCIA which screws up
the mouse device. It happens so rarely I have not yet taken the time to try to
debug it.

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