readl() / writel() on PowerPC

From: David T Eger (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 19:22:55 EST

I have been working on a driver for a PowerPC PCI card/framebuffer device,
and noticed that the standard readl() and writel() for this platform to
byte swapping, since PowerPC runs big-endian. However, at least for my
hardware it's *really* not needed, and should just do a regular load
store, as is done for CONFIG_APUS. Looking at another driver
(drivers/char/bttv.h) I notice that Mr. Metzler redefines his read and
write routines for PowerPC as well to do simple loads and stores to IO

Am I missing something? Is there some reason that readl() and
writel() should byte-swap by default?

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