SCSI I/O error

From: Giuliano Pochini (
Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 10:03:25 EST

>From my logs:

Jun 29 14:19:56 Jay kernel: SCSI disk error : host 1 channel 0 id 5 lun 0
return code = 8000002
Jun 29 14:19:56 Jay kernel: Current sd08:11: sense key Recovered Error
Jun 29 14:19:56 Jay kernel: Additional sense indicates Recovered data with
error correction applied
Jun 29 14:19:56 Jay kernel: I/O error: dev 08:11, sector 480940
Jun 29 14:19:56 Jay kernel: Incorrect number of segments after building list

I programmed the disk to report recovered errors too, and the
log shows one of these. The user-level tool exited with an
I/O error.
The last line comes from drivers/scsi/scsi_merge.c:__init_io()
and I thing there is a bug in the SCSI error handling code.
I have an Adaptec card.

[Linux version 2.4.6-pre3]


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