Re: Uncle Sam Wants YOU!

From: Luigi Genoni (
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 05:26:29 EST

On Sun, 1 Jul 2001, Justin Guyett wrote:

> Problem: I don't like company policy
> Solution: Deal or get another job
Not so easy in every country.
For example in Italy the law called stauto dei lavoratori forbits workers
to change so easily.
> Peon: Help! I installed linux at work and got fired!
> Oracle: You made a bad choice.
Not so easy for a company, at less in Italy. In fact the statuto dei
lavoratori forbits a company to fire everyone for this kind of reasons.
Also companies are forbitten to use any audio-visive way to monitor
workers activities.

The point is that your discussion does apply just to USA, at less for the
terms you are using.

Problems out of USA are different.

I can install linux as i want, where i want, on sparc, on alpha, on ppc,
to do all I want,
but then M$ pre-sales have a good time to clean managers head, and to make
managers belive M$ is the just one way to go. And managers and politician
have power in companies, never technicians.

If I would be regularly employed, (i do prefer my freedom), i could never
be fired, of course, but anyway none would listen to me proposing linux,
just because i am a technician.


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