Re: [PATCH] Re: 2.4.6p6: dep_{bool,tristate} $CONFIG_ARCH_xxx bugs

From: Riley Williams (rhw@MemAlpha.CX)
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 02:22:07 EST

Hi Keith, Adam.

>> Does anyone know if there is any code that would break if we
>> put quotation marks around the $CONFIG_xxxx references in the
>> dep_xxx commands in all of the files?

> That has the same problem that AC was worried about. Variables
> that used to be treated as "undefined, don't care" are now
> treated as "undefined, assume n and forbid".

Whilst there could easily be problems if we allow that for any of the
variables, it can't be a problem if we restrict it to variables
specifying the architecture in question, as per my previous email.

> As long as there is any ambiguity about how a rule is meant to
> treat undefined variables, treating all undefined variables as
> 'n' is not safe. Before making a global change like this, first
> verify that no rule treats undefined variables as "don't care".
> Otherwise something will break.


Best wishes from Riley.

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