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Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 19:39:39 EST

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> On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 01:01:51PM -0700, Paul Mundt wrote:
> > You always have a choice, work elsewhere. If you're in a position where
> > working with MS products, you were the one who made the decision to do
> > MS is not at fault, claiming so is childish.
> _I_ think it's childish to claim the above. You _may_ have a choice, yes,
> is that choice equal or fair? Microsoft has infected both the user area as

Look at it from the other side. If you were in an all AIX or HPUX
environment and you wanted to support Microsoft products, it could be said
that it's not fair that you have to change jobs. Oh please.

> much as the business/work area. If you want to purchase a PC because your
> computer just fried and you want to finish a paper or something, but you
> _want_ to use KOffice on Linux, and you don't care for Windows/Word
> whatsoever, what are the chances that if you run down to the computer
> your "choices" will be Windows/Word, _period_! You'll then have to make

What a load of crap. You *CAN* order a system with Linux on it, just go to
some computer manufacturer and ask for it. If it's not available, install
it yourself or buy a workstation from Penguin Computing, or any other Linux
hardware mfg. Retail choices are where the sales are. That's not someone
after you, it's business. The way to beat someone at business is either
break up a monopoly or beat them at their own game.

Stop blaming and do what they do better. Period.

> that none of the hardware in it is Software driven-like winmodems-and that
> it's supported by Linux (or whatever OS you prefer). Almost all computers
> there (from well-known compianies) ship with winmodems. How is that a
> You have a choice to waste $70 on a harware modem, when someone who uses
> Windows doesn't?

Choice is with you, not with the manufacturer. Winmodems are software
driven, so instead of down-talking the manufacturer, get a driver from a
Winmodem supplier. I have a Lucent Winmodem in my system right now, it came
with a Compaq PC and it works just fine in Linux. PCTel makes a large chunk
of winmodems and are willing to work to get a linux driver out there if we
just work with them.

Fact remains--be open minded, and you will find that there are lots of
people who want to have their products on Linux (means more money for them
in sales) if we just work with them instead of blaming them as M$ clones.

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