Re: Uncle Sam Wants YOU!

From: Adam Schrotenboer (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 19:06:08 EST

Perhaps I should say again that my current IT job is working w/ small
businesses and personal/home installations. In these cases, as well as
with others, it is not so much the OS that I have a problem w/. It is
the insistence of an all Macroshaft solution. Windows isn't totally bad.
I would never say so. But being forced into M$ Office, MSIE, etc, and
trying to support these arguably inferior products is a real PITA.

IE, Windows Web Sharing, MS Frontpage, etc are all bad knockoffs of
other better products (IE isn't too bad, but I still don't like it, and
I dislike Outlook{, Express} even more). Because they're M$ products,
end [l]users believe that they must be more compatible or better than
other solutions, (such as Netscape, Netscape Composer, WinRoute, etc).

M$ products are not all bad, but their marketing efforts and predatory
efforts to lock people into these products is bad.

B/c M$ products are for the end luser, the lowest common denominator, I
find them annoying when they try to fix my "mistakes", b/c they think
they know better than I do. M$ is going toward Macintrash, point &
drool, etc.

J Sloan wrote:

>Tony Hoyle wrote:
>>I didn't choose to use MS, I merely chose to be able to pay the rent.
>>The choice is basically use MS or don't work in the computer industry.
>Fortunately it's not so from what I can see, although microsoft
>is frantically working to make it so.
>>Hell, I'd even take a pay cut if someone had a Linux job on offer.
>>Never seen one... never likely to either in the near future.
>Have you been living under a rock for the last 2 years?
>Go to and search on Linux and you will numerous
>hits. My day job is to admin Linux, Solaris and HP-UX, and
>I also get a lot of side jobs doing Linux installs and remote
>Linux admin.
>I wish I had time to take on all the Linux work offered to me.

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