Re: NWFS Submitted to Alan Cox

From: Jeff V. Merkey (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 05:32:41 EST

On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 12:16:34AM -0400, Trever L. Adams wrote:
> > I am doing very well with my consulting projects, but to be honest,
> > my family has sufferred horribly in the past four years fighting with
> > Novell every other week, and there's a very strong chance I will be
> > moving shop to either New Mexico or Arizona, since they own the
> > local courts here in Utah (all the judges are mormons in Utah Valley
> > and pro-Novell).
> Once again, we have Mr. Merkey at it. None of his problems can just be
> his, or caused by Novell. They can't just be because, at one time (no
> longer though), Novell was THE economy for Utah Valley (Provo/Orem
> area). They can't be because he has little respect for aspects of
> intellectual property (for those who believe in it or are under legal
> systems that do). The mormons cause them all.
> Get real, move on, and get a life Mr. Merkey.
> For the record, I believe you are in the wrong here. I believe that
> there are several non-mormon judges in the area (at least there were a
> little over a year ago when I lived there).
> Yes, I am wayyyy off topic. But lets keep it to the technology and the
> law. If the finger has to be pointed, point it where it belongs and
> leave the predominant (60% tops) religion out of the picture.
> Now back to your regularly schedule flame wars on different technology,
> real discusion, and the real world.
> Trever Adams
> P.S. Sure, I am LDS (mormon). I have a problem with the above because
> our religion requires us to stand for truth and I believe Mr. Merkey
> tends to misrepresent the religion. I would have a problem with him
> misrepresenting any religion (if I knew he was doing so... with many
> religions I would likely not - still... it would be a problem).
> P.P.S. Any flames or responses to this that want a response will reply
> in private. I will not continue this on the list.


I really think you guys should start using peyote in your temple rituals,
you'd have a much better grasp on reality. Most people do not believe
they are going to be gods when they die, which is what mormonisn
teaches. I guess a lot of mormoms think they already are, and act like



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