ASUS A7V/Thunderbird 1GHz lockup problems observation w/fix for me

From: George Garvey (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 14:19:05 EST

   Ever since building this system there have been spontaneous and
unpredictable lockups, usually at least once per day. Sometimes several per
day. The lockup is sometimes preceded by X starting to display things
strangely (on a Voodoo 3 w/XF 4.X). Then I have a few minutes to reboot
before it hangs (can't log in using ssh from another system.)
   With the Northbridge discussion, I couldn't pinpoint anything to fix it,
so I started experimenting.
   Things got better by upgrading the BIOS; but still many hangs.
   I've discovered that changing the CPU voltage from the default to 1.75V
results in a stable system. Higher than that doesn't work. Lower still gets
   It doesn't look like everyone has this problem with similar setups. But
if there are others, I wanted to share this discovery.
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