Re: 2.4.6-pre6 ext3 message

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 07:09:45 EST

Mike Black wrote:
> 2.4.6-pre6 and ext3-2.4-0.0.8-246p5 (had to to hand patch a little).
> This message popped up on an idle system -- there were no "odd" cronjobs
> scheduled around this time. Nobody was logged on. System had been up for
> a
> little over a day...first time seeing any messages like this.
> The source doesn't indicate whether this is serious or just informational.
> Jun 30 15:58:55 yeti kernel: journal_commit_transaction: odd - more buffers

yeah, sorry. It's a debug message which escaped from the factory. I keep
on doing that.

It's expected, and there won't be any more. I promise.

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