Re: Intel SRCU3-1 RAID (I2O) and 2.4.5-ac18

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 02:20:09 EST

> the filesystem on the RAID to another results in something like:
> i2o/iop0: No handler for event (0x00000400)
> i2o/iop0 requires user configuration

That bit is fine. The device is asking you to comfigure it and it also sent
a DDM availability chnage for some reason

> Driver "I2O Block OSM" did not release device!
> i2ob_del_device called, but not in dev table!
> Driver "I2O Block OSM" did not release device!

If you can repeat it in 2.4.5 let me know. I fixed a very similar problem
the supertrak 100 showed up. ALso set up the i2o cgi tools and see why
the device wants to talk to you
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