VFS locking & HFS problems (2.4.6pre6)

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt (benh@kernel.crashing.org)
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 10:09:42 EST

I've had a deadlock twice with 2.4.6pre6 today. It's an SMP kernel
running on an UP box (a PowerBook Pismo).

The deadlock happen in the HFS filesystem in hfs_cat_put(), apparently
(quickly looking at addresses) in spin_lock().

I don't have the complete backtrace at hand right now, but it basically
went up to kswapd without anything evidently getting that spinlock,
I'll try to gather more details.

So my question: Is there any document explaining the various locking
requirements & re-entrency possibilities in a filesystem.

What I think might happen after a quick look is that HFS may be causing
schedule() to be called while holding the spinlock, and gets then
re-entered from another process context. I have to look at it in more
detail (is there an HFS maintainer ?) but some background informations
on VFS locking & reentrancy issues would be helpful.


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