Re: Cosmetic JFFS patch.

From: Holger Lubitz (
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 08:43:25 EST

Miquel van Smoorenburg proclaimed:
> You know what I hate? Debugging stuff like BIOS-e820, zone messages,
> dentry|buffer|page-cache hash table entries, CPU: Before vendor init,
> CPU: After vendor init, etc etc, PCI: Probing PCI hardware,
> ip_conntrack (256 buckets, 2048 max), the complete APIC tables, etc

Well, I _like_ the fact that my machine tells me all that when booting
(ok, maybe the APIC tables are a little bit much). Believe it or not -
the detailed boot messages were one of the reasons I chose Linux over
BSD back in 1993 when I started. I think it gives a valuable feeling for
what the OS is up to - even to the unexperienced.

A boot parameter for the verbosity would be ok, though. But I'd still
vote for the default to be pretty verbose. Leave it to the distributors
to disable it, if they want.

After all - how often does the average linux machine boot? Once a day at
most. Mine usually run until the next kernel upgrade. But then again,
I'm not a kernel hacker, so this is to be taken more as a users point of

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