Re: O_DIRECT please; Sybase 12.5

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 04:50:15 EST

> the boss say "If Linux makes Sybase go through the page cache on
> reads, maybe we'll just have to switch to Solaris. That's
> a serious performance problem."

Thats something you'd have to benchmark. It depends on a very large number
of factors including whether the database uses mmap, the average I/O size
and the like

> It supports raw partitions, which is good; that might satisfy my
> boss (although the administration will be a pain, and I'm not
> sure whether it's really supported by Dell RAID devices).
> I'd prefer O_DIRECT :-(

We already support raw direct I/O to devices themselves so they should support
that - if not then Oracle I believe already does.

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