Re: PROBLEM:Illegal instruction when mount nfs file systems using

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 18:11:52 EST

> Here I have to disagree with you Alan. When you pass "-march=i686" to
> gcc, you are _not_ saying "generate code for a CPUID family 6 CPU".
> "-march=i686" actually means "target an Intel P6 family chip, given
> what we currently know about them". The gcc info pages don't talk

Which is fine. The Pentium Pro manual explicitly states that cmov may go
away. So it is not based on what we know about the CPU, its based on not
reading the documentation.

It's a bug. -march=i6868 does not 'target an Intel P6 family chip, ...'
It happens to work because the error in reading the docs was never triggered
by intel removing cmov from a cpu as the reserved the right to do


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