Re: Linux and system area networks

From: Roland Dreier (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 16:46:49 EST

    Pekka> If you used sockets, I believe the normal way to use SAN
    Pekka> boards is to just make them look like network cards with a
    Pekka> large MTU Sure it works, but it's not very efficient :) (I
    Pekka> have to admit I've not played with that kind of toys at
    Pekka> all, though)

We seem to have come full circle. My original question was about
providing a better way for sockets applications to take advantage of
SAN hardware. W2K Datacenter introduces "Winsock Direct," which will
bypass the protocol stack when appropriate. The Infiniband people are
working on a "Sockets Direct" standard, which is a similar idea. No
one seems to care about this for Linux.

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