Re: Microsoft and Xenix.

From: Thomas Dodd (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 16:11:49 EST

Kai Henningsen wrote:
> No. GEM, I believe, originally came from CP/M. Most popular as the
> windowing system of the Atari ST; given that someone did a quick-hack MS-
> DOS clone to support it on the 68K, it seems fairly obvious that by that
> time, it had already been ported to MS-DOS. (GEM-DOS is the only os I know
> of that was actually worse than MS-DOS.)

And ATARI goofed by not including more than GEM in the ST(e).
Should have used the whole system like the TT and Falcon did.

> Friends of mine (Gereon Steffens and Stefan Eissing) wrote a command-line

If you see them, tell them an old STe user thanks them for there
work. Without them I might never have headed to Unix :)

Vielen Dank Herren.

> shell and desktop replacement for the Atari that was fairly successful
> shareware for a while ... now how was it called? The CLI was Mupfel
> (German for shell is Muschel, and there was a kid's TV character who
> pronounced Muschel as Mupfel), and I think the desktop was Gemini. Another

I still have Gemini on a Disk for my STe. The SCSI adaptor died,
so I don't know if the data is still good though.

Then I tried the Minix port MinT (Mint is not TOS :)
and was hooked on Unix. If I could get my SCSI adaptor
fixed/replaced I'd still have my STe running, maybe
even get a memory card (for > 4Meg) and a CPU upgrade
(68000 is slow, get 68030 or 40 like the Falcon)

Then I could run Linux on it (it need that math co-proc)

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