From: Peter J. Braam (braam@clusterfilesystem.com)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 12:38:45 EST


I have made available RPM packages of the DAFS sdk v 0.8. You can find
them at:


I made a few patches, some to compile cleanly and others to provide a
header file structure that is usable in both user and kernel mode.

I have attached the patch - could it perhaps go into the main DAFS SDK
tree? Would you like to include the spec file as well?

The DAFS stub generator is amazingly well designed and one can use that
with just the dafs-sdk in user and kernel mode.

To build the dafs library, which provides networking support too, one
needs a VIA library. I have also built some Linux 2.4.5 kernel RPMS with
the M-VIA libraries included. You find these in the same place. (These
kernels also include also have pcmcia, ext3 0.0.8, InterMezzo, and -ac17
kernel patches.)

Please read the disclaimers and enjoy!

- Peter J. Braam -


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