Re: Error while making 2.4.5 bzImage with CONFIG_MPENTIUMIII=y

From: Janos Holanyi (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 11:04:54 EST

Thank you and Alan Cox for replying and helping.
Would it be a bad idea to incorporate the relevant part(s) of that FAQ into
(under) the kernel Documentation tree?
Would it be possible to have 'make' catch the error(s) causing an exit during
kernel compilation and display a message pointing to that file?
Such a feature would have made me feel less st*pid now ;)



Quoting Keith Owens <>:

> >time make dep clean bzImage modules moduels_install 2>&1 | tee
> bzImage.log
> Please read the FAQ at, in particular s8-8.
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