Re: ps2 keyboard filter hook

From: Dan Streetman (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 10:40:00 EST

On Sat, Jun 16, Mike A. Harris wrote:

>I find it very odd indeed with IBM's big voice of open source
>praise, yada yada, and what Lou has said in the past, that there
>would be any question at all of wether it would be open source or
>not. Isn't big blue behind open source? Or is it just for
>publicity? Makes me wonder now...

This is a bit of a late reply, but I think maybe I wasn't clear in my first
statement that I couldn't get the driver opened.

The driver isn't mine; I just wrote the hooks. The actual driver's
author doesn't want it released as Open Source, and all other team members
(besides me) are unconvinced that it will be useful to anyone to release it
(i.e., they're asking "why" instead of "why not").

So it's local approval that is my particular problem; I'm sure that if we had
asked for approval from the company-wide decision makers, they would have given
it. From the limited experience I've had with them, they are very pro-OSS.

Dan Streetman
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