Re: A signal fairy tale

From: Dan Maas (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 09:59:50 EST

> Signals are a pretty dopey API anyway - so instead of trying to patch
> them up, why not think of something better for AIO?

I have to agree, in a way... At some point we need to swallow our pride,
admit that UNIX has a crappy event model, and implement something like Win32
GetMessage =)...

I've been having trouble finding situations where asynchronous signals are
really the most appropriate technique, aside from delivering
life-threatening things like SIGTERM, SIGKILL, and SIGSEGV. The mutation
into queued, information-carrying siginfo signals just shows how badly we
need a more robust event model... (what would truly kick butt is a unified
interface that could deliver everything from fd events to AIO completions to
semaphore/msgqueue events, etc, with explicit binding between event queues
and threads).


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