2.2.6-pre6 ext3 Part II

From: Mike Black (mblack@csihq.com)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 08:52:18 EST

Trying to recover from ext3 journal failure....swtiched drive back to ext2

Now my fiber channel driver is complaining:
qlogicfc0: no handle slots, this should not happen.
hostdata->queue is 2a, inptr: 74
And a bunch more (77,79,7b,7d,7e) after which it locks up completely.

This is while the raid5 is resyncing and it's trying to do an e2fsck at the
same time.

I'm now going to try letting the resync complete before doing the e2fsck.

Looks like I'm just running into cascading problems here...sigh...

Michael D. Black Principal Engineer
mblack@csihq.com 321-676-2923,x203
http://www.csihq.com Computer Science Innovations
http://www.csihq.com/~mike My home page
FAX 321-676-2355

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