Error while making 2.4.5 bzImage with CONFIG_MPENTIUMIII=y

Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 08:39:54 EST


This is the config file:

produced with make menuconfig on a vanilla tree;
and this is the log file:

of the command:

time make dep clean bzImage modules moduels_install 2>&1 | tee bzImage.log

The errors do not occur if I switch on SMP. Howver, I would like to get out
the most of my PIII 500 and would not like to use SMP and would also like to
use APM stuff.
Is this a known problem with 2.4.5? Sorry if yes.
Anyway, I could not find relevant info in the archives of this list about
this issue.

Is there hope I will be able to compile a suitable kernel for this PIII?



PS: Please Cc: me. However, I will be monitoring the archives, so I will
catch your mails. :)
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