Re: SMP-Board, only 1 CPU, strange Crashes

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 08:34:37 EST

> Now the system runs fine for about 1 Week. After than, it oftens "crashes".
> "crashes" is not realy the thing ... diffrent things happen :

Unfortunately you dont give enough information to even take a wild guess

> The system is running on 2.4.4-ac18

Do try ac13 as well, there are some glitches in ac14+ with the new mm (ditto
in 2.4.6pre) that might cause hangs

> Whats happending to this box? I've never had such problems. Is it because of the
> Dual-Board and the non-smp kernel? (i need to know this, because we can't tolerate any more
> downtime right now)

Dual board with a non SMP kernel is fine. Make sure you have it set up
correctly (terminators in place of 2nd cpu if required etc) but I dont think
its that. It could equally be bad ram, bad cpu etc..

run ac13 for a bit first see what occurs, then maybe memtest86 it

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