Re: AMD thunderbird oops

From: Pierre Etchemaite (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 07:55:28 EST

Le 26-Jun-2001, Alex Deucher écrivait :
> What's weird though is that it is rock solid as long as I don't use
> athlon optimizations.

Some ASUS boards (mostly P3B-F) would either freeze or self reboot when using
PhotoShop 5. Everything else would run perfectly.

Disabling MMX optimizations in this software would "solve" the problem. Another
solution found on the web (sorry, I don't have the URL at hand) is to add two
or three additionnal capacitors on the back of the board, to solve the electric
instabilities that cause the reboots.

So yes, I can believe that that sort of "corner case" problems exist.

Best regards,

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