Re: Linux Kernel Urgently Needed-Open Source Projects

From: Carl Spalletta (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 22:40:49 EST

On Monday July 25, 2001 Jasmin Brown wrote:

>permanente Anpassung wichtiger Systemkomponenten an
et cetera

Since nobody jumped on the improbably named Yasmin
Brown & Jill Simmons for daring to post a classified
within these hallowed precincts, I submit herewith my
own contribution to interstellar amity - a free
translation of the German text from that article:

die funktionen:
   ein) Permanent adjustment of important system
komponents to our orders. Orders which must be obeyed!
In this konnection, program SOURCE projects from
Kernel modules mit:
   zwei) Advancement of our Apache Webservers.
   drei) Konception and implementation of teufels für
         our master architecture and elimination of
         race conditions.
   fier) Configuration and code modification; for
         example of GFS, Apache, or Linux kernel.

I think that was the gist of it.

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