Re: Patch(2.4.5): Fix PCMCIA ATA/IDE freeze (w/ PCI add-in cards)

From: Andre Hedrick (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 16:55:05 EST


It fixes a BUG in CFA, but what will it do to the other stuff?
Parse it exclusive to CFA and there is not an issue.

Also look closely....

No all ./arch have a control register doing this randomly without know the
rest of the driver will kill more than it fixes.

static int try_to_identify (ide_drive_t *drive, byte cmd)
        int rc;
        ide_ioreg_t hd_status;
        unsigned long timeout;
        unsigned long irqs = 0;
        byte s, a;

        if (IDE_CONTROL_REG) {
        } else {
                hd_status = IDE_STATUS_REG;

It will not be accepted until it correctly address and handles all HOSTs
correctly, period.

Andre Hedrick
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On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Gunther Mayer wrote:

> Andre Hedrick wrote:
> >
> This is not a valid reason.
> This clearly fixes a bug in linux. Note: the irq disable
> is local to ide-cs. Are you paranoid enough to believe
> enabling the irq by writing globally to the control register that
> existed since ATA will have ill effects?
> You claim the relevant PCMCIA ATA behaviour is not ATA(>3?) compliant,
> however you didn`t yet give any facts to support this !
> You claim this locks the driver, again no facts.
> >
> > Remember that ATAPI is generally screwed beyond reality, so adjusting the
> > probe code in general (global) is a bad thing.
> ...
> > On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Alan Cox wrote:
> >
> > > > obsoleting ATA-2 did their attention at CFA become alarmed. I agree that
> > > > there needs to be a fix, but not at the price of locking the rest of the
> > > > driver. Since we now the identity of the device prior to assigned the
> > > > interrupt we can handle the execption, but you do not go around blanket
> > > > wacking the control register of all devices.
> The proposed patch is very simple (as per Linus' liking). When considering to
> install an earlier (and global) irq handler I believe you can see
> this will impose a much greater risk !
> > >
> > > I dont see why it locks up the driver ?

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