sched.h problem in 2.4.x and new gcc compilers

From: Gonzalo Aguilar (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 16:38:38 EST

Hello, there is a little problem with some headers and
new glibs and compilers. Kernel fails to compile and worst
is the extern declaration in sched.h

Don't if this is a gcc or glib problem (surely gcc) but doesn't

The patch is only redeclaring xtime in extern:

*************************** cut here ******************************
--- include/linux/sched.h Wed Jun 27 23:19:04 2001
+++ include/linux/sched.h~ Thu Jun 21 12:36:26 2001
@@ -537,7 +537,7 @@
 extern unsigned long volatile jiffies;
 extern unsigned long itimer_ticks;
 extern unsigned long itimer_next;
-extern volatile struct timeval xtime __attribute__ ((aligned (16)));
+extern struct timeval xtime;
 extern void do_timer(struct pt_regs *);
 extern unsigned int * prof_buffer;
***************************** cut here ******************************

I made it with the copy that joe editor does, you know the change is:

-extern volatile struct timeval xtime __attribute__ ((aligned (16)));
+extern struct timeval xtime;

There are other problems with multiline string literals all over the
but this is only a warning... One is this...

/mnt/hd2/src/linux-2.4.5/include/asm/checksum.h:72:30: warning:
multi-line string literals are deprecated

Hope it helps. It's a ridiculous patch but now it's fixed.


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