PATCH (2.4.5): /dev/poll support

From: Vincent Sweeney (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 14:28:55 EST

I think pgp-signing just barfed my last email (typical) so I'm retyping /
resending this:

    this patch adds Solaris 7/8 like /dev/poll support to the kernel.

I can claim no real credit for this as basically this is a fixed version of
a patch available from
to compile correctly with 2.4.5 that only seemed to work with the 2.3.x
devel branch. The reason for this is so I can compile & test an application
on my home linux pc when I'm not around my nice work Solaris boxes :)

Please note, I have not got the knowledge of kernel development to know if
this patch is broken or badly written. It may be bugged and/or worse than
the standard poll() call but my application works so I'll leave profiling
etc to people more knowledgable than me.


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