Re: multi-path IO in SCSI mid-layer

From: Jason McMullan (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 11:07:22 EST

Patrick Mansfield <> wrote:
> I'm interested in multi-path IO in the linux scsi mid-layer.
> Are there developers working on changes to the scsi layers/interfaces?
> I've seen references about such work, but no details.
> [snip snip]
> But, a decent multi-path IO implementation requires significant changes
> to the current linux scsi interfaces/structures - especially where no
> functional interfaces exist, such as the direct references to Scsi_Device
> host, and Scsi_Host host_queue.

        At Linuxcare I have written a multi-path system for Linux 2.2.x
to support Sun's T3 hardware. It's pretty generic, though. (A user
in Europe has reported success with the IBM Shark SAN with our
SCSI Alias Chains failover system).

        For source code, please see:

        Please contact me by email if you're interested in a version for 2.4.x.

Jason McMullan, Senior Linux Consultant
Linuxcare, Inc. 412.432.6457 tel, 412.656.3519 cell,
Linuxcare. Putting open source to work.
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