Re: [PATCH] User chroot

From: Marcus Sundberg (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 10:39:12 EST ("H. Peter Anvin") writes:

> Followup to: <20010627014534.B2654@ondska>
> By author: Jorgen Cederlof <>
> In newsgroup:
> > If we only allow user chroots for processes that have never been
> > chrooted before, and if the suid/sgid bits won't have any effect under
> > the new root, it should be perfectly safe to allow any user to chroot.
> Safe, perhaps, but also completely useless: there is no way the user
> can set up a functional environment inside the chroot.

Huh? Why wouldn't you be able to set up a functional environment?
I can think of quite a lot of things you can do without device nodes
or /proc ...
Or are you referring to something else?


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