2.2.x series and mm

From: Adam (adam@eax.com)
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 10:08:15 EST

        I have question. I have box with kernel 2.2.17pre15
        and 128mb memory.

        now on this box I have apache server which is serving 205 mb
        of data.

        AFAICT this casues all current processes swapped out every
        so often in favor of putting all data to be served into
        file buffers, making a box pain for interative use.

        what are my options here for a) tuning up box w/out rebooting
        or b) some "better" 2.2.x kernel.

        I'm fairly sure it is the file buffers as the apache is already
        reniced to 20, it is got max 50 processes and each of processes is
        limited to like 1.5mb of size via ulimit.

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