Re: When the FUD is all around (sniff).

From: Marco Colombo (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 07:44:59 EST

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Alan Cox wrote:

> > I suppose they received some pression from M$, but if people read of a FUD
> > from a M$ employed, then they can guess what is going on, if it is a
> > newspaper usually telling facts in a correct way...
> It is common for newspaper staff to be corrupt, same with magazine people.
> Sometimes because people generally believe in a cause and are not impartial
> (which I've seen both pro and anti Linux btw) and sometimes because advertising
> revenue is a good thing.
> > The situation is going to be sad
> There is a saying in he UK 'You can fool all of the people some of the time,
> you can fool some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all of the
> people all of the time'. You only have to look at the incredibly dim view
> technical people take of most printed reviews to see that.
> Alan

The problem here is the audience. That was on a major Italian newspaper,
and targeted to business people. This is not technical FUD you can find
on some magazines ("NT is faster" and so on). I personally don't care
a bit, I've enough arguments to turn it into a holy war, at least.
But the article summary could be: "Microsoft legal problems are going to
end, Linus' ones are just starting." A clear message to IT managers who
are about to decide how to invest thier IT budget.

As for the saying, see, and take 2 seconds
to realize what that exactly means (both as a fact and as concept)
and reconsider the part "but you cannot fool all of the people
all of the time" (just s/people/business people/ and re-read). B-)


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