Re: mm and Oops

From: Andreas Dilger (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 03:15:16 EST

Andries writes:
> After sending util-linux out, I booted a kernel that had kdev_t
> a pointer type, to see whether that still works.
> And all (minus md/lvm/nfs that didnt compile)...

Yes, LVM totally abuses kdev_t (assumes = dev_t in user space).
Changing kdev_t should force this to be cleaned up.

> The second one is the use of a special constant B_FREE
> as device value to indicate that the buffer is free.
> I'll look at this tomorrow but perhaps someone knows:
> must the constant B_FREE (used only in fs/buffer.c) be nonzero?
> If so, then we probably need a bitfield to indicate "free".
> Otherwise we can use 0 ("no device") as value.

Isn't a device = 0 used for NFS root?

Cheers, Andreas

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