Process creating

From: Blesson Paul (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 23:42:21 EST

hi all
                      I have in a confusion regarding the creation of
processes by the kernel. Let I have two processes P1 and P2, both are childs
of P0. I want to know the following facts regarding P1 and P2. I have created
two processes by forking. Everyone knows that when P1 and P2 created, they
have different process spaces.
1 If I point to a address 0x434343 in P1 and P2, will it point to the
same memory area.
2 If not, I need two processes to use same process area, how to do that
3 Will linux kernel support threading
                            Actually I first thought about shared memory. But
for my application, I need huge memory area upto 50MB or more. So 50MB of
shared memory is no good. So I looking for any other alternatives


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