Re: EXT2 Filesystem permissions (bug)?

From: Guest section DW (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 19:02:37 EST

"H. Peter Anvin" wrote:

:: It's neither a bug nor undocumented.

Kenneth Johansson wrote:

: Interesting but I wonder how much this helps someone that not already know
: what it is. Should not the ls manual also contain something that explains

In fact the best info is on the stat page:

       The set GID bit (S_ISGID) has several special uses: For a
       directory it indicates that BSD semantics is to be used
       for that directory: files created there inherit their
       group ID from the directory, not from the effective gid of
       the creating process, and directories created there will
       also get the S_ISGID bit set. For a file that does not
       have the group execution bit (S_IXGRP) set, it indicates
       mandatory file/record locking.

       The `sticky' bit (S_ISVTX) on a directory means that a
       file in that directory can be renamed or deleted only by
       the owner of the file, by the owner of the directory, and
       by root.
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