From: Gareth Hughes (gareth.hughes@acm.org)
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 13:18:53 EST

My association with VA Linux Systems (and Precision Insight before that)
ended last month. At this stage, it is unclear whether I will continue
working on the various open source 3D graphics projects (DRI, Mesa etc)
or not. My work is being transitioned to the remaining members of the
PI group or, unfortunately, abandoned for the time being.

I hope to be able to continue working on the kernel, perhaps in slightly
different areas though :-)

-- Gareth

--- linux/CREDITS Thu May 17 23:34:54 2001
+++ linux.gh/CREDITS Wed Jun 27 04:06:50 2001
@@ -1256,12 +1256,11 @@
 N: Gareth Hughes
-E: gareth@valinux.com
-E: gareth@precisioninsight.com
+E: gareth.hughes@acm.org
 D: Pentium III FXSR, SSE support
-S: 11/187 West Street
-S: Crows Nest NSW 2065
-S: Australia
+D: Author/maintainer of most DRM drivers (especially ATI, MGA)
+D: Core DRM templates, general DRM and 3D-related hacking
+S: No fixed address
 N: Kenn Humborg
 E: kenn@wombat.ie
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