Re: parport_pc tries to load parport_serial automatically

From: Philip Blundell (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 12:59:11 EST

>- change parport_pc so that it doesn't request parport_serial at
> init. In this case, how will parport_serial get loaded at all?
> Perhaps with some recommended /etc/modules.conf lines (perhaps
> parport_lowlevel{1,2,3,...})?

This would be a bit bad, because it would require people to guess whether they
might have a card that parport_serial can drive and/or try loading the module
to see what happens.

I guess one option would be for parport_pc to somehow "know" what cards are
really multi-I/O ones, and only load parport_serial when it will be able to
find something to do. Doesn't seem all that appealing though.

>- parport_serial could be made to initialise successfully even if it
> doesn't see any devices that it can drive.

If you do that then the code will effectively be there all the time, even when
it's not needed. You might as well just compile it in to parport_pc. To be
honest, there isn't all that much of it so maybe this wouldn't be such a bad


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