Re: [PATCH] wrong disk index in /proc/stat

From: Martin Wilck (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 11:55:54 EST

> [go to or so
> and get patches 01*, 02*, ... and apply them successively to 2.4.6pre5.
> complain to if anything is wrong]

I see, you're going for a much deeper patch. No objections whatsoever,
that's certainly a better solution, but I can't start testing it now (my
IA-64 machine has enough other problems to solve yet).

My patch was merely intended to correct the index for disks on the 1st
IDE controller, which is just plain wrong.

I (being new to kernel hacking) have yet to understand what needs
to happen for patches to enter the main branches.


Martin Wilck     <>
FSC EP PS DS1, Paderborn      Tel. +49 5251 8 15113

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