Re: When the FUD is all around (sniff).

From: Stephen Satchell (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 09:19:02 EST

At 02:33 PM 6/26/01 +0200, Alessandro Suardi wrote:
>To top this off with complete crap, after mentioning Gracenote:
> "There may be a paradoxical situation: the [Microsoft] appeal judge
> may restore the Microsoft monolith that judge Jackson wanted to
> break in small pieces. And in the meantime who could end up under
> accusation for excessive power and monopoly "temptation" would be
> the arch-enemy Torvalds."
>I have trouble in finding words to describe such blatant ignorance.

The Internet Press Guild ( is open to reporters and
editors of any country, not just to US/Canada reporters. When you write a
letter to the editor in response to articles such as the one you quote in
La Repubblica, be sure to mention this fact.

The Internet Press Guild was formed by Internet-savvy working reporters in
response to the Time magazine CyberPorn article. (They were chased off the
newsgroup when the SNR dropped like a
rock.) It's mission: to provide a place where working press can check
stories they are about to run regarding the Internet to avoid egg-on-face

The IPG contains a few people close to Linux development, so while a story
like this is a little beyond the original charter, a quick check would have
avoided the gaff.

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