Re: AMD thunderbird oops

From: Thomas Foerster (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 03:26:26 EST


> as i've said before - i have the same problem too

Me too

> the memory is OK! - have run memtest86 for hours ... - no errors ... -
> heatsink - CPU@45C - Case @ 25C

> after changing the kernel compile to PentiumII (nearly) everything worked
> fine ....

I HAD a Asus K7M with a 650 MHz Athlon, 256 MB RAM (Infineon, Ram is OK).
Using 2.4.2 AND 2.4.4 didn't work.
Whenever i started KDE2, the crashes startet, even oopses in ext2-code appeared.

The strange thing is : If i startet KDE2 as root, the crashes didn't happen!

I don't know why, my distribution is RedHat 7.1

Now i have a Epox 8kta3+ with an 1,333 MHz Athlon, FSB266, 256 MB RAM (Infineon)
and the crashes still appear.

Changing the Kernel from Athlon to Pentium-II/III makes the system stable again.


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