Re: GCC3.0 Produce REALLY slower code!

From: Thomas Pornin (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 02:40:16 EST

In article <>
you write:
> Then there's the other question: Why should we test a compiler that
> seems to be quite proprietary?

Apart from questions of optimization, compiling the same code with two
different compilers is a very good way to find bugs, both in the code
and in the compilers.

Besides, the kernel is, for now, dependent on many gcc features; but
it might be worth thinking about writing code a bit more "standard",
just in case another free C compiler emerges on some specific arch. Then
again, aiming at compiling with several compilers is one way to achieve

(yet I do not believe it will happen anyday soon)

        --Thomas Pornin
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