Hang with usb scanner...2.4.5-acx

From: Steve Kieu (haiquy@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 19:39:04 EST


I got scanner epson perfection 640u. I am not sure if
it is a bug or I have to do like that.

Basically I have to compile scanner support as module
and uhci as well. Whenever I need to scan, just turn
on, modprobe ...; it is fine. When no need, remove
modules and turn off.

BUT if i compile built in to th kernel. the system
hang in sush cases:

- turn on pc, start everything, then turn on scanner

- turn on scanner then turn on pc start everything,
scanner works ; now turn off scanner

No messages in /var/log ; just hang all key board wont
work, can not login from remote, ; have to unplug the



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